The Good News for the day, May 9, 2018

Wednesday in the Sixth Week of Easter (293)

Jesus says to people inspired by Him: “I have much more to say to you, but you cannot handle it now. But when the spirit of truth comes, that spirit—that outlook—will be what guides you towards everything truthful. It will not be a speech all on its own—but what is said will be what is heard from the Father’s creation—declaring to you what will unfold. That spirit will explain what I mean to people—glorifying me—because starting from what is mine, that spirit will hand it on to you clearly. Everything that the Father has is mine. So, I have told you that the spirit of truth will take hold of what is mine—and hand it on to you. (John 16)

Jesus continues talking to you personally. But the voice comes from another direction than outside—not from his lips, or the bible or the Church. To repeat: the “spirit of truth” is both your on-going acceptance of what your conscience says and your growing alertness to the voice of God in creation around you.

The Good News is that God speaks to you–to YOU. He unfolds events as to their meaning if you listen. He tells you the truth when news and involvements seem too complex. He offers you the way to go when no way seems to work.

All you have to do is turn on that listening device in your soul, to hear His wordless message—the Word of God. It is the word of life.

You can hear that truthful voice in people who criticize you, in scripture passages that challenge you to grow, to deepen, to change. You can hear God in surprises that signal quiet loving suggestions you might improve, and inside—in a passing thought that God is involved with what you are doing—and maybe you need to be kinder, more understanding, and more humble. In this way—you come to get Jesus—his message how everything from the Father comes to him—and to you.

You and I are not perfect. I can go for years denying a truth about my arrogance. I can avoid and evade a moment God is speaking clearly to everybody else, but I have to go my own way in stupid stubbornness.

The Good News is the relentlessness of the Message. Jesus with His wounds, His stigmata, speaks to your own wounds and failures and defeats relentlessly. The resurrected Jesus—that life-giving spirit—encourages you to accept and do what needs to be done—to live fully and deny that lazy, reluctant part which is not alive, but confining, destructive, and in the end lethal to your own soul.

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