The Good News for the day, April 25, 2018

Wednesday in the Fourth Week of Easter (281)

Once Jesus finished washing the feet of His close friends, he talked to them: “Here is the truth I am telling you, no employee is greater than the employer nor any messenger greater than the superior who does the sending. If you get this—you benefit from doing it. I am not talking about every one of you. I know those I have chosen. But just so that the Scripture might be fulfilled, a friend who has shared my food hus turned from me to reject me. From now on I am telling you before it happens, so that when whatever does happen, you may believe Who I AM. Here is the truth I am telling you: whoever welcomes the one I send is welcoming me; likewise, anybody who welcomes me is welcoming the One who sent me.” (John 13)

The mystery in the Good News signifies something even more mysterious—a call for you to move onward—from imitating to initiative, to a blessing and a reward. The Washing of the Feet challenges you to get it that it is not just you—but Divine power at work.  Jesus asks you to keep growing past imitating him—past just following directions—to acting in the Spirit of God.

Jesus does this foot-washing—only to push His followers past it. He is saying that—believe it or not—what He has done—he not only wants you to do (that kind of thing) but He is saying that THIS is what you, Jesus and God our Father keep on doing—service, gifting, helping, quietly offering kindness—as part of Creation.

Look, He tells you—that is what God’s creation is doing all the time already—cleaning up, serving others, providing food, air, water, helping people in ordinary and extraordinary ways to appreciate creation—and to further it.

The Good News is that—in what you do for others—you join hands with the living God, the living Jesus, their Life, their permanence, their eternity. You are sent as Jesus was—you are Their Messenger—and what you do Makes God Present, is Part of Creating the Future, is a Sharing in God’s sovereign power. You are like someone with full power of a government to make a generous treaty with some other community. You being there—your “foot washing”—changes others, the way a flame lights a candle wick. You impart not just your own self, but the Spirit of God at the primeval creation—you bring order out of chaos, your love fixes a damaged world, you are furthering the growth of the World of God out of the damaged goods of this world.

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