The Good News for the day, April 18, 2018

Wednesday in the Third Week of Easter (275)

Jesus addresses the public, “I am the bread of life; anybody coming to me would never go hungry; anybody believing in me will never thirst.

I have told you that already; although you have seen me—you still just do not get this ‘belief.’

Everything that the Father has given me will come to me; I won’t reject anyone who comes to me, because I have come in from the Other World not to do what I want, but to do the will of the One who has sent me. And THIS is what the One who has sent me wants: for me not to lose anything of what He has given me, but that I should lift it all in the end. Now, this is what my Father wants, that everyone who “gets” His Child and believes in the Child would possess boundless, permanent life—and I shall lift such a one in the end.” (John 6)

“And I will raise Him up on the last day” is a thrilling religious song you may have heard. Like a national anthem, or a very popular song by Simon and Garfunkel—you may smile; “turn on” and listen with special attention.

Yes, this response to a song suggests the kind of thing Jesus is talking about—lifting you out of the ordinary, lifting you from boredom, low-key anger, fear or prejudice—signs of a dead soul. Belief in God’s family raises you—Jesus “lifts” you—not in some distant future from a coffin, but the reality of a permanent change here and now.

Jesus is the “bread of life.”—once you truly see the importance of that image—you “get” it. The Son of the Creator tells you to swallow his message—make it part of yourself. And what is that Message? Creation, you being part of the Family of God, your acceptance—your “yes”-commitment to the gifts that living involves

You come to see yourself not as an isolated individual, but as part of creation, of the community of Children of God. You see and acknowledge goodness and challenges that are goodness, too, you are open to mystery and ready to grow—the way a seed grows—to love and interact with all of it.

Basically, you discover the world out there, appreciate it is bigger than you, realize –humbly—the flood of love—the “bread”—nourishment available to you. We LIVE fully by believing we are loved—and that the core of your belief arises when you “get it” that the World has been Given to You and Me, as a Great Gift. The American writer, Thoreau, once wrote that “most men (people) live lives of quiet desperation.” That is what Jesus saw as “being dead.”

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