The Good News for the day, April 17, 2018

Tuesday in the Third Week of Easter (274)

From the crowd someone asked Jesus: “What accomplishment—evidence—can you produce so that we might see it and so come to believe in you? What is it you can do? Our ancestors out there in the desert ate God’s manna—the Bible says so: He gave them bread from the Other World to eat.So, Jesus said to them, “Here is the truth for you: it wasn’t Moses who produced that bread from the Other World; it has been my Father providing you with the REAL bread from the Other World. For God’s bread is whatever comes in from the Other World—and it produces Life to and for the world.” So, they said to Jesus, “Sir, it is up to you—you, give us this bread all the time.” Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; anybody coming to me would never go hungry; anybody believing in me will never thirst.” (John 6)

“Bread from the other world.” Jesus know the hunger of your heart—your hungers for satisfaction, for living life fully, for finding someone to love and be loved by—to have the innocence and sweetness of a child, but, at the same time, to be wise and strong. Our heart—has many hungers—more than we can count, and far more than we acknowledge. Some of our needs seem to contradict others; some of our desires prove wrong; some of them are frivolous, dangerous or distracting.

You sense it is possible to “get” that nobility, those traits which constantly (“all the time”) are what you REALLY want—something that will satisfy your innermost self, and quench the restlessness that bothers you at odd, quiet, alone moments.

It is a faith—not in the things of this world, but in the feeling  of gratitude that rises as you see your place in God’s world. You are not called to explore and minister to far-off regions, nor to preach on street corners of your city. Your faith is more casual and local—too see brotherhood in this stranger, to find family in that woman who feels such a failure, to recognize divinity—the Grace of God—living in someone ranting and angry, and to love the lover who cares for others without wanting back.

Our nourishment is this attitude—this Spirit—of welcoming people, events, knowledge, and mystery—as “manna” coming to you in the desert. You are being fed always by our Father’s world around about you.

The evidence of God’s love is the very world you inhabit, Jesus says. Be Alive with Jesus and see the world just as He does; let that bread from the Other World nourish you—it will create a constant Life not of this world.

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