The Good News for the day, April 11, 2018

Wednesday in the Second Week of Easter (267)

Jesus says, “God has loved the world this way: He gave His Unique Child—so that every single person believing “into” Him might not be dead but be permanently alive. For God did not send his Child into the world to make a judgement about the world, but that the world could be saved through him. Anyone at all believing in him will not suffer judgment; anyone not believing has already suffered that—because that person has not believed in the family of the unique Child of God. This is the “crisis,” that Light came into the world, but some people have preferred darkness to light (because their works were bad). Everybody who practices worthless behavior hates Light; such people don’t come toward the Light—lest what that person does would be exposed. Whoever does truthful living comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.(John 3)

Everything here is about you as a Child of God. Yes, Jesus is “unique” and in that sense the only ‘authentic’ or ‘total’ Child of God. You and I are adopted—“raised” (pardon the pun) into the Divine Family. Some choose to stay outside that Family and to behave like errant children—even adult children—to their own way—egotistically, to choose not the gaiety, peace, harmony and mutual helpfulness of family., but live superior to others, off by their own selves., in their caves

The Father of Jesus, and our Father, is the Creator—who gives mortal life to every baby born into the human family. You and your living are a great gift. As times goes on, though, we catch poisons—externalism, prejudices, self-centeredness and smugness, we become satisfied with “my” life, no matter how it may affect others.

But Jesus speaks of re-birth—the choice to change, the way of repentance—to choose a better way that “kills” that externalism, those prejudices, your errant “self,” freeing you from such thing s and hidden and often unknown harms and evils that we do.

You are (re)born into God’s Family—choosing to become a Child of God, to do things openly, in the sunlight—generously, humbly, truthfully appreciating that you have so much in common with others, no matter your wealth, status or position; you and I keep repenting of sins and errors. We notice others, we care for persons and our world; we serve (rather than want to be served), and we cherish each moment, realizing that God loves you and me and everyone into this moment’s existence!

To Be—and see yourself as—a Child of God is a great dignity, a sense of freedom from so much labor (salvation!) as well as a humbling, constant freshness.  You become permanently alive—timeless as your Father and your Brother.

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