The Good News for the day, April 10, 2018

Tuesday in the Second Week of Easter (266)

Jesus says to Nicodemus: “ Life-giving air blows wherever it wants to—and you can hear the sound it makes! But you have no idea where it is coming from or going to—and that is the mystery of everybody born of the life-giving Spirit/wind.” Nicodemus responds, ‘How can this happen—what are you saying?” Jesus answer him, “You are someone teaching the community of Israel—but you don’t get it? The fact is—people talk about what we know—and we talk in public about what we have seen—but you—you people do not welcome what is said in public. If I talk to you about mundane things and you don’t believe me, how will you believe me if I try to tell you about another world? No one has gone up to that superior life and world—except someone who has been there This Human Child. (And just as Moses raised the life-giving and healing serpent in the desert, so must This Human Child raised—so that everybody who believes in him may have permanent life.)” (John 3)

How easily this conversation reflects conversations on Facebook, in families, among friends today. We don’t listen to one another—and thereby miss the overlay—the words that are essential. We turn each other off—people who talk about stuff we don’t want to hear. Or truth or events that hurt.

Jesus is telling you and me that—while alive—you can find your way to another realm, sphere, world—call it what you will. You can start afresh. You can be ALIVE!  in a permanent way, feel that the air you breathe is life-giving, that dying is incidental to the way you have been living, that it is “above” this life, the way the air is above the ground.

Listen to the world. See what is essential. Breathe deliberately. Absorb your environment as gift—with a welcoming gratitude.

The Death of Jesus—raised on the Cross to die—is life-giving—this other life, this Fresh New Birth-life. Give up the life that is death, with Him.

And it becomes a habit. You do not need to constantly refer to Jesus, or even God. It is His—their—world you Live In. You are Alive to the Needs around you. You appreciate the good and evil in their innate truth. Engaged, you respond. Alive, you See. Re-born, you have been in that “superior” world—where service and joy mingle, where Good News is Being Alive, where failure and defeat—the way of the cross—are enablers to New Life. It is not a life-style change. It is a life-change.

In other words, you get the same mind as Jesus. You see His world as He does—Our Father’s world as His beloved new-born child.  

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