The Good News for the day, April 7, 2018

Saturday in the Octave of Easter (266)

When Jesus had risen, early on that first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, (out of her—it was often said—He had driven seven demons). She went and told everybody else who were grieving, crying. They heard from her that He was alive, and that He had been seen by her—they did not come to believe. After this he appeared in a different guise to two of his followers walking along on their way out in the country. They returned and told the rest; but they didn’t believe them either. But later on, when the Eleven were having a meal, He appeared to them and bawled them out for not believing and having such hard-heartedness at not believing people who saw him after he had been raised from among the dead He told them, “Go into the whole wide world and proclaim the Good News to every creature.” (Mark 16)

This summary (which many scholars considers a summary borrowed from other Gospels) reminds us of the basic point about the Resurrection: It is so hard to believe; nevertheless—we are sent to preach His message.

Perhaps for many—if not most of us—it is hard to see Jesus living in our world. Like the Eleven, we hesitate—in doubt—that Jesus is walking among us for real. You and I do not want to think that Jerry, Carol, Betty, Tom, Hank or Mary Jo is actually bringing Jesus into your world—FOR REAL. It takes imagination and insight, belief in the unbelievable, commitment to a reality that is both unassuming and invisible to the eye. Other people don’t see Jesus—why should you? Or it seems (for many) a “religious” thing—something you can do if you go to church, pray and do good—and now and then “think Jesus.”

However reluctant or hesitant you and I may be, Jesus is risen, present for real, all the time. Granted He “appears” only now and then—you feel and realize His insertion into your life in love a father, friend, or brother shows you. Faith lives and grows, though, in the day-to-day consistency of your response to your world–creation.

In respecting, caring about, and serving others, we “get” it—the message, the good news, the New Life. You and I preach it—and get it back—in the mutual love—the acts of goodness when we are helping each other. Therein dawns the Kingdom of God, the peace and satisfaction that is permanent—living in heaven already. It is the result of that faith.

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