Good News for the Day, February 13, 2018
Tuesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time (336)

Some Pharisees stepped out of the crowd to start arguing with Jesus, asking from him a sign from heaven—just as a “gotcha.”. He sighed this from the depth of his heart: “Why is this generation seeking a sign? The truth is—no sign will be given to this generation.” Then he left them, got into the boat again, and sailed off to the other shore. (Mark 8)

For Jesus, “this generation” embodies all the attitudes, prejudices, expectations, habits, unacknowledged sins, cultural “laws,” and so. People of this generation are the ones not changed, not awakened to the deeper love that is creation. Those people live for themselves, often in fear and rage, often in thoughtless ruts of mind and heart, often locked into harmful behaviors they deny.

The follower of Jesus repents constantly, grows constantly, grows more sensitive and grows humbly into a life of service.

“This generation” is always asking for a sign—but no sign works or ever will. Angry, proud and often “know-it-alls,” they resist fresh insights and the world they live in. Their attitude is frozen in the past which they use to emphasize they are in control. The follower of Jesus says the signs of love are all around us—creation being the Word of God, the expression of love which we are called to accept.

Born again, you see the world as it is—has been and will be. You accept the past and future with a permanence of peace—it is and has been God’s love (not external rules, not one person controlling others, not iron laws). Yes, a cross—pain—is involved. Yes, it is complicated out there—but simple from you and your attitude, your spirit.

Be aware, be awake, Jesus keeps saying. Stay alert. “This generation” is seductive. pervasive, and overwhelming. It takes courage, conscience, humility and persistence to stay “reborn” and we fail, but we awake again. The Good News is the peace your heart holds defying the pressures to conform. You become the joy of New Life.

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