The Good News for the Day, January 28, 2018

The Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time (71)

Leaving the synagogue, Jesus went to Simon and Andrew’s home—along with James and John. There, Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever. Right away, they told Jesus about her. He went to her, took her hand, and helped her to her feet. The fever left her then and she acted as hostess. When evening came, after sunset, they brought to him anybody ill or possessed by bad spirits. The whole town huddled around the door. He cured many people sick with various diseases, and drove out many demons, not letting them speak because they knew him. Getting up very early—before dawn—Jesus left and went off to some place to be alone—there he prayed. Simon and those who were with him went after him; finding him, they said, “Everybody is looking for you.” He told them, “Let’s go off to nearby villages so that I may preach there too. This is why I have come.” So he went into the meeting houses in those other places, preaching and helping demon driving people by freeing them, throughout Galilee. (Mark 1)

He came not to make history—have someone write about him–but to preach and “drive out demons.” Such power comes to a Child of God—the power to influence others through words—to effect changes in their lives, and to heal what is wrong with them. The events are for you to “get” and do likewise….

Those are two sides of your mission as a child of God—to effect the change people need. You are to “take their hand” and heal—helping them erase what has driven them to weakness, anger, lust, superiority—that kind of thing. You visit real persons—not just talking at others, ignoring their souls—but showing genuine respect. You talk respecting the individuals—soul to soul You affect others. Your words, your tone, your look, your care, your respect—these preach.

That is one side—to awake yourself to your presence—your real presence towards others—who you are and what you do impacts people. If you care enough to do your very best, they awaken, they respond.

On the other side, your humility destroys their pride, your respect destroys–transforms–their fear, their greed, addictions, competitiveness a and other habits controlling them—the demons driving their need to act that way. You touch their hearts more than their hands, their demon-driven souls more than their sick bodies. You free them—save them from themselves by who you are—a Child of our Father, a Jesus living in your world today.

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