Good News for the Day, February 3, 2018
Saturday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time (327)

His dozen “sent men” (Apostles) joined Jesus, as a group, reporting all they had been doing and teaching.  Jesus directed them, “Come off to a place by ourselves, to rest a while.” (Many people were coming and going; they had no chance even to eat.) So  they did that—off they went in the boat by themselves to an isolated area. Since some people saw them leaving, many of them came to know about it. They hurried there on foot from just about every town and arrived at the destination before them. When Jesus disembarked and saw the big crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them—they were like sheep with no shepherd—he began to teach them many things. (Mark 6)

The hunger these folks had for change is remarkable—and yet it reminds us that there is always inside you—inside all of  us –an ever-fresh need to learn meaning and peace, to want to feel healed and hopeful, and to pursue belief in something greater than just existing You are unfinished, your heart and soul hungry to be filled.

One the other hand, His “apostles” are like you, too—as your life exemplifies and teaches others and heals hearts—and you get  exhausted by the reluctance, addictions, deeply-rooted indifference, and ideological stubbornness in people who resist changing and growing. Great indifference can meet your most passionate offer of moving towards thoughtful joy and renewed life.

Why the difference? Along with others, you are open-hearted—eager to hear the teachings of Jesus—the discovery of being loved, the possibility and real hope of finding inner peace, the process of the Via Dolorosa that leads to Resurrection. Along with others, though, you know frustration and the need to retreat to an isolated place in your heart, lick your wounds, and pray for the Presence of His uplifting spirit.

It is this two-fold aspect—hungry yourself, but also dispenser of nourishment—that is your call, the good News to you—to become again and again the needy child of God, the one who wants the welcome of family—fellow travelers in the realm of what is right—but you are also the dispenser of that family embrace—the one who needs to feel loved—responding to God and growing—as well as the one reaching out with bold love for the least of the brethren—being an Apostle of that same Family.

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