Good News for the Day, January 23 2018
Tuesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time (318)

The mother of Jesus and some of his family arrived at the house where He was. From outside, they sent word to Jesus and called for him. Some people sitting around Him told him, “Your mother and your family are outside asking about you.” He responded, “Who are my mother and my brothers really?” Looking around at the ones seated in His circle he said, “Right here are my mother and my brothers. Anybody who is doing what My Father wants—that person is my brother and sister and mother.”  (Mark 3)

How much this clarification illustrates the very core of the love Jesus has that stretches so far into time and space, how understanding of the Love of God for each of us…and the Call. That is what Jesus is saying to you.

It does not matter that you fail to touch this body born of Mary, this dusty hand that worked in Nazareth or tired foot that trod the hills and seashores of Galilee. In fact, it is better—in the view of eternity—that you don’t.

See Jesus in your neighbor-brother. See Jesus in the woman bowed with age and in the harassed mother of the toddler. See Jesus in the brothers who fight and disagree so bitterly—and reach out to THEM as to your brother. Catch them as the Family of God.

Perhaps above all, Jesus is telling you, see your brother and sister in the ones you can’t talk to—people divided from you by politics, attitude, habits of fear and anger,

judgmental people and hostile ones. Choose not to disdain nor dismiss them—nor to avoid them, but to be compassionate and of service, realizing you are there not to convince or change them, but to be a family member faithful to them, responsible to keep on loving, no matter what.  

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