Good News for the Day, December 22, 2017
Friday of the Third Week of Advent (198

Mary prays: “My Life proclaims the magnificence of the Master; my heart is so happy with God my savior! He has looked upon his humble serving girl. From now on, all new generations will call me special: The Almighty has done wonderful things for me, and how holy is this Family Name! He has compassion for those who appreciate Him, those who revere in in every new generation. He has shown the strength of his outreach; he has dispersed proud people in their ego. He has cast powerful people down from their high positions, and He has lifted those who are down. He has filled hungry people with good things, while the wealthy he has sent away empty-handed. He has come to help his servant Israel for he remembered his promise of compassion—the pledge He has made to our ancestors—Abraham and his descendants—a permanent promise.” Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months and then went on home. (Luke 1)

Like any real prayer, this one begs to be prayed over and over—and prayed thoughtfully. It is, of course, your and my prayer—essentially—if you look at it closely/ It is a prayer of gratitude—a positive version of the appeal prayer we say in the traditional one to our Father.

With Mary, you too proclaim by your very life (“soul”) what our loving Creator is like; you see how in “being reborn” (a “new generation”) you and Mary acknowledge the compassion of a saving Creator—a Father, a Shepherd, a Leader—who frees us from the “natural birth” of prejudice, pride, and the control by others. With God, you overcome your own pride, realize your phantom pursuit of money, and satisfy your hunger for justice, goodness, and truth.

Pray this prayer every day for a while and just see how it lets you into the Realm of what is Right—the sense of wholesome gratitude, the spirit of strength and peace, and the bliss of oneness with the great saints of the past and present. You grasp the pledge made to Abraham and Sarah—that Life would be as vast as the star-lit sky, as endless as the sands of the seashore. It is with Jesus within you, with that New Life that you grasp the Great Goodness in which you now live and breathe and have your being.

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