The Good News for the Day, August 3, 2017
Thursday of the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time (404)

Jesus said to the followers: “The realm of what is right—it’s like a fishing net thrown into the sea; it collects every kind of fish. When it gets full the people fishing haul it ashore where they sit down to select what is good and put into containers. What is bad they pitch away. That is how it will be in the end. The ultimate powers-that-be (angels) will go out and separate really bad people from the good ones—and throw them into the fire of a furnace, where there will be great signs of regret.”…”Do you understand all these things?” They answered, “Sure.” He responded, “So, then, every sophisticated person instructed in the Realm of what is right—is more like someone in charge of a household who fetches from his stores stuff both new and old.” When Jesus finished these stories with imagery, he left there. (Matthew 13)

The truth is that here you have an effort to change you, spin you not forward to some mythical, physical “end of space-time,” but inward—into your heart and mind. “In the end”—directs you to a moment, a kairos—that is your bottom “line, the ultimate state of insight—the lightbulb ultimately turning on.

You reach through your confusion, the briar patch of ambiguity, the sifting of good and bad fish that swim in your history, the mistakes you learn from, the ideologies and principles you abandon—throw away like useless fish—as being counterproductive, and so on. You have collected your scars—your stigmata (we all do!) and now you wear them into a New Life, a sense of Peace, a transcendence from everything that you once held as valuable—to re—evaluate them. 

Yes, you keep valuables from the past—guidance, wisdom and truth beyond words. You pick up what is valuable now—the world around you right now—and “fetch” is what you do—implanting it in your heart to appreciate what is right, courageous—what is kind, thoughtful, and—what is Right!


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