The Good News for the Day, August 2, 2017
Wednesday of the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time (403)

Jesus says to those who want to follow Him: “The Realm of what is Right is like a treasure chest buried in a field. Somebody finds it, hides it again, and cheerfully goes, sells all he has to buy that field. Or: The Realm of what is Right is like a businessman looking for good gems. When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes, sells all he has to buy it.(Matthew 13)

Few of us realize how stitched with similes, metaphors and other poetry devices our daily language is. So much of our language is half similes, metaphors and so on—but we do not reflect enough. You need to imagine Jesus saying these things with flair and emotion:

(Jesus squats, looks up at his friends.) “Hey, guys, what am I trying to tell you? I’m trying to tell you to join me in the realm of heaven, where things go right, where the right things are the way to go—not just drifting along. It’s worth it!  It is Worthwhile—really, really worth it! Like you found something so incredibly rich your life IS changed! You hit the lottery, you find a pile of gold just kicking up stones in a field. You are Rich, Rich, Rich! But it is not money you find, no, no, no! It is a treasure of your heart—you find it in your life, not in the dirt. You find it inside you—a gift, a hidden gift, a gift that sticks up waiting for you to stumble on—like a big treasure chest full of Gold. Only it is your choice to see—to really SEE it in front of you.

(Jesus gestures to the sky and the ground) “It is all around you, this treasure—just look, listen, love.  Love your neighbor as yourself—that’s a Great Treasure. Give up the anger. Stop holding onto yourself. You can get free and unclutter your life! Buy this thing! Yes, it costs! You gotta buy the whole field. Hard as to part with money—but if you get that whole field where the Treasure is, you GOT IT!  You GOT IT! Dig in. Get it!”


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