The Good News for the Day, August 1, 2017
Tuesday of the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time (402)

Jesus released the public from attendance and went into the house. His followers approached him there and said, “Explain the poetic story of the weeds in the field to us.” He answered, “The Person who sows good seed designates the Child of Humans, the field is this world, the good seed the other children of the Realm of what is Right. The weeds represent the children of who wound the rest; the enemy who sows weeds represents the challenger of the good. The harvest refers to the “bottom line,”; the harvesters are spiritual forces. Just as weeds get collected to be burned, so will it be in the end. The True Child of Humans will send his unseen spirts, and they will separate out of his Kingdom all who get others to sin and harmful people themselves. They will throw these into the lit oven, where there will be bitter signs of regret. Then the virtuous people will radiate like the sun in the realm of their Father. Whoever has ears ought to hear.” (Matthew 13)

In this rare instance of Jesus as he explains one of his poems—an allegory this time—He offers suggestions about how to appreciate the rest of what he says—look for the Spirit of the thing, your message of caring & kindness.!

Everything He says is true, of course, but, like any poem, it is a gift that keeps on giving. It is also true that this poem-story can be understood as about you—You are the one who, by listening, seeds your own soul with good seeds of faith. You also cooperate with the enemy—you are your own enemy—you add weed-seeds of greed, lust and pride into your life. You are a harvester as the better angel, your conscience sifting good from evil. What is evil “burns you up” as you reluctantly let go of ambitions and comforts that harm you. You Human Child of God realize what the virtuous thing to do is—and reject—burn away with hurt—your harmful and sinful behaviors.

You are the one who hears this, then appropriate, appreciate and absorb it—in whatever way you see –to be inspired. It is YOUR Good News, your message of love—aware that love means a changing growth, a constant alertness to weeds, a sifting “bottom line” as you go—and a harvest of bliss.


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