The Good News for the Day, July 30, 2017
Sunday of the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time (109)

Jesus says to those who want to follow Him: “The Realm of what is Right is like a treasure chest buried in a field. Somebody finds it, hides it again, and cheerfully goes, sells all he has to buy that field. Or: The Realm of what is Right is like a businessman looking for good gems. When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes, sells all he has to buy it.” (Matthew 13)

It is worth it. You buy something—a house, a car, a gift; you pay to someone else something worthwhile to you for that improvement in your life.

If you discover the Good in becoming maturely good, you pay something from within you—from the values and habits in your life. You pay with comfortable habits removed, with irritation at others abandoned, with your superiority lost—and with setting aside the way you have pursued happiness.

It is a paradox that you cannot achieve happiness, peace and love by trying. You achieve The Deeper Happiness by helping others to achieve it; you achieve True Peace by working for others’ fair treatment; you achieve Real Love—by loving someone other than yourself. You give up your clutched way of doing things your way for a Better Way—the pearl, the treasure IS other people. Once it dawns on you that “they” are not the enemy, but that every other person offers you a means to joy and transcendence, you “GOT” it! “They” and “them”—the least of the brethren—all the people you used to look down on—become the richness of your life.

The real achievements of your lifetime—your wealth, security and success—are not money-success, but how you care for others. It is not a matter of trying to learn how to love, how to mature, how to change. You buy into it by giving up your self’s heavy loads—your sacks heavy with “golden comfort zone.” That is the Good News addressed not just to “religious folks”—but to you and everyone. This commitment costs you, but—yes! —it is worth it.


July 30, 2017

The parable of finding treasure or a pearl of great price


The purchase of a place of peace occurs

With coins of quite another kind than gold—

It takes your courage, caution-less, that stirs

Your soul to pass beyond your life—be bold


Against your self, against the weight of years—

And choose to leap by faith to touch the sky—

And win that wealth your heart achieves when—fears

Defeated, habits managed—it finds why


There is a buried world waiting for

You! Time to break from what’s your grave, and see

And buy the treasure chest: each day is more

Than mere—from death to life—that lets you be


A wealthy, wealthy soul without the money—

Living now inside—in “land of milk and honey.”   


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