The Good News for the Day, July 28, 2017
Friday of the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time (399)

Jesus says to His followers: “Listen to an interpretation of the image of the sower: The seed settled on the beaten path is the individual who hears the expression of the Realm without getting it; Evil seductions come along and bird-like eat away what was once accepted in his heart. The seed sown on rocky ground is someone who hears the expression—and receives it right away with joy. That person, though, has no depth and the message lasts only briefly. When some challenge or opposition comes to test the message, that one immediately falls away. The seed fallen among thorns is someone who hears the message, but then shallow concerns and the appeal of financial security confine the message so that it produces no fruit. The seed planted on good loam refers to someone who hears the message and appreciates it, who indeed produces fruit—to a yield of a hundred, sixty, or thirty percent.” (Matthew 13)

The image of a seed is a common one when referring to change—to repentance and the entrance into the Kingdom of God.

Seeds contain life. Modern science has triggered a long-lost—extinct–date palm from a seed found at Masada in Israel. (They named the plant “Methuselah”) The seed is a superb symbol—a poem in real life for the growth of Life in the human heart.

Within each of us is hope for growth, hunger for “justice” (the rightness of things in our world), a need to love and be loved—and faith that Life can be Full and Rich, authentic and sweet. It is all like that ancient seed—a private life in danger of “birds” tugging you out of Life into danger of shallow living, in danger of rocks that can crush out its life by pressures, and “thorns” of anger, disappointment and fear that end your hope and faith.

But you resist all that. You nourish “otherness,” repentance, humility—and caring for those in need. Life flourishes in your heart and with that spirit—and you get the gift of a Real Life of Bliss and Strength, of overcoming false obedience, to discover the beauty and goodness all around you.


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