The Good News for the Day, July 19, 2017
Wednesday of the Fifteenth Week of Ordinary Time (391)

One time, Jesus exclaimed: “I am so grateful to you, Father, Master of sky and earth, because—although you have hidden what counts from smart people and educated ones—you have revealed them to common folks newborn to you. Yes, Father, this is what you have wanted so much. Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father. Nobody knows the Son the way the Father does; nobody knows the Father the way the Son does—and anybody to whom the Son wants to reveal him. (Matthew 11)

It seems so hard—and yet so simple—to grasp—to accept—that you are a child of God. That is what it is ALL about.

Look around you. You exist because of the mystery of other people’s sex. You exist now because every day, for years, people sustained you, breath has come in and out, whether you wanted it or not, blood has pumped, and so many things have JUST HAPPENED—from God. God gave others who taught you to be safe, to read, to learn, to grow up, and to love.

The world does not change—you do. Instead of seeing the world as owing you stuff—you, like Jesus, can see it is all gift, a mystery that embraces you—like a good, caring Father. It is up to you to open your eyes and heart and welcome the Good. The Good News talks to you every minute.

Yes, there is a cross to bear, hostility to suffer, cancer and pain to endure; yes, misfortunes come, tragedies, mistakes and sins. But it is all in how to respond to them, how you see beyond the moment into timelessness, how to recognize opportunity in chaos, hope in crisis and salvation in failure. No defeat is final, The Good News Reminds you, no death the very end.

You are a Child grateful to your Timeless Creator, happy with so many gifts. Sing out your gratitude; embrace the moment. People—these sons and daughters of humanity—nature, and your conscience have all revealed the great care being spent on you. Appreciate, enjoy the gifts of your life!


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