The Good News for the Day, July 13, 2017
Thursday of the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time (386)

Jesus says to people He is sending out: “As you go along, make this your message: ‘The Realm of what is Right is here.’ Cure sick people, raise dead ones, Help the ones where skin is an issue, and defeat overwhelming problems and addiction—demons! Without any money, you have received everything; without any money, you are to give. Do not count on money of any kind for your wallets—not provisions for the journey, nor a change of clothes, nor good shoes, nor defensive gear. The laborer deserves room and board. Whatever city or village you come to, look for a “real” person there, and stay there until you leave. As you enter a house, wish the household peace. If the house is solid, let your peace settle in it. If not, let your peace return to you. Whoever turns away from you or refuses to listen to your words— go outside that house or town—and shake its dust from your feet. The fact is—it will go easier for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the end than for that place.” (Matthew 10)

A paraphrase—as if Jesus were an American addressing you:  Jesus says to you. As you live your American life, make this your project and contribution: “Heaven is right here!” With kindness, care, and respect, help people get better in any way they can—whether sick, sick at heart, or “dead” within—as cold and indifferent as a corpse. Do what you can for people whose skin creates problems; and work to free people of bad habits—addictions, prejudices, hatreds, hostilities and stresses. Everything you have is a gift—give—like God—without expecting thanks. Money is irrelevant to what you do. It is not about money, good clothing of any kind, or defensiveness. If you do all this, you will in the end be welcome—feel at home—at peace—wherever you are. Look for a “real” person—someone with spiritual weight (“someone worthy”)—and share your peace with that person’s peace (“Namaste!”). If people “deny” you and your message—refusing to even listen—leave them alone. Go away—they are in the hands of God, when it comes right down to it. It is up to God to change or chasten deniers—those who avoid the truth and love you offer.


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