The Good News for the Day, July 12, 2017
Wednesday of the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time (385)

Jesuscalled together his dozen closest followers and gave them authority over people caught up by sexual deviance—to clean them up—as well as to cure every kind of bodily wrong and sickness. The names of the dozen Apostles are these: first, Simon—the one people called “Rocky” (=Peter), and his brother, Andrew; James Zebedeeson, and his brother, John; Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew (the tax collector); James, Alphaeusson, and Thaddeus; Simon (a Cananean), and Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus). Jesus sent this Dozen out, after instructing them in these terms, “Do not go yet into territory outside of Israel or enter a Samaritan town. Go rather primarily to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. As you travel, keep telling people: ‘The Realm of what is Right is right here.'”   (Matthew 10)

So are you…sent! In being kind, different and courageous, you are sent to tell people that good news which is about to happen to the listener.

Your kindness IS the Kingdom of Heaven—the realm of what is right—incarnate here and now—you are the living hands and hearts of the resurrected Jesus, offering compassionate fellow-feeling that tells this person of the kindness and good visiting this world in your body.

Your difference is your sacredness—which is the definition of being “different.” Though you and I are common folk, standard issue, like every child of human parents–you can become, too, a Child of God—acting like one—with your courageous resistance against conformity, against prejudice, against superiority—traits that human heritage offers everyone.

And you have—and offer—courage—the child of God emerging, growing from being merely a child passing time—quick to believe in goodness, able to speak it despite opposition, being laughed at, called coward, stubborn and stupid—and despite not feeling part of some community. Your humility, service and hunger for good—these put you in His “Dozen.” These individuals represent other named individuals—such as you.

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