The Good News for the Day, July 9, 2017
Sunday of the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time (100)

One time, Jesus responded: “With all My heart, I acknowledge you, Father, the Head of heaven and earth—because. although you have kept hidden these matters from wise and learned folk, You did reveal them to persons new-born to your Life. Yes, Father, that has been what you have wanted so badly. Every kind of thing has been handed over to me by my Father. No one knows a Child like a Father, and no one knows a Father like a Child—or anybody for whom the Child wants to make Him known. Come over to me, all of you working so hard, so overwhelmed—I will give you a rest. Share my job of pulling people along—like paired oxen; learn beside me; I am kind and self-effacing at my core; here you’ll find rest for your heart. For my yoke means kind goodness, and the weight is not heavy at all.” (Matthew 11)

These sparkling words remind us that, however heavily burdens and defeats daily life deals us, however tired we get from world situations and family disturbances, however pressured and depressed by financial and medical issues, there is a “rest area”—the Good News of a different world.

The Good News means a fundamental gratitude for Life, a sense that a Father cares for us, and a brotherhood/sisterhood—sharing a yoke—with others beside us—offers relief. You are not alone; your kindness, your innate nobility and dignity as Child of the Father-Creator, your humility and truthfulness, your kind, self-effacing calm—all of these traits which Jesus models will restore you to gratitude for the gifts of this world.

It is a remarkable gift to possess peace when all about you seems tumbling down–a unique gift, this being a Child of God. It has been revealed to you (and not through lots of education or deep thinking) the simple truth that God is good to you, that earthly, passing events are not of consequence in the long run. A minute of courageous kindness, a revelation of true love, a musical moment of beauty, a scene of mountains and nature, the innocence of a small child—any of these can remind you of what is truly important—and what gives true peace. So much is passing; hold what is permanent.


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