The Good News for the Day, June 27, 2017
Tuesday of the Twelfth Week of Ordinary Time (372)

Jesus says to His friends and followers: “You do not offer what is holy to dogs, or throw your precious jewels for swine; they would trample them underfoot—and then turn and tear you yourself to bits…. ‘Do to other persons whatever you want them to do to you. This is the basic instruction—the Torah—and the Prophets who tell you uncomfortable truth.’ ‘Use the tighter way to pass through—the other gate is wide and the road so broad that attracts you to devastation! Those who enter that way are so many. How narrow is the passage to use—constricted is the road that leads to Life. Those people who find the right way are fewer than the others. (Matthew 7)

You get the Good News, and it attracts you to go a new Way, to depart form the herd, from the lemmings, from the way that the world around you is comfortable with. It is not a choice to be superior. It is the choice to serve people who need you—who need your gifts, your caring and your actions.

It is easier to drift, to accept the way everybody does it. It is easier not to question, easier to accept without curiosity or challenge.  It is easier to be lazy mentally and morally—to let things happen. It is not for us to judge, of course, but to query the reasons, the principles, the caring and love—is that involved or not.  Such a query might trigger enmity and misunderstanding, a savage and angry retort.

When we think of gates we think of little picket-fence gates, or wrought iron things for guarded communities. The “gates” people knew were different then—huge doors as part of City Walls—huge with little doors in them. You were friendly—they let you in the little gate. They opened the big doors only for crowds, caravans, processions, and armies. You are not part of the crowd. You respect individuals. You handle moments as sacred and not as stuff to be thrown away. You value the Law of God. You are an active lover, not just a part of “going along with everybody else.”

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