The Good News for the Day, June 26, 2017
Monday of the Twelfth Week of Ordinary Time (371)

Jesus says to friends and followers: “Stop judging of any kind—so that you won’t get judged. Yes—your standard of judgment—that is how you get judged. The measure you use will be the one measured out to you. Why do you notice the sawdust in someone else’s eye, but do not perceive the two-by-four in your own? How can you say to someone in your family, ‘let me get that sawdust particle from your eye,’ while there is a 2 x 4 in your own? You hypocrite, get that big piece of wood out of your own eye first; then you will see clearly enough to get the particle out of the eye of your brother or sister.” (Matthew 7)

Again, with self-reflection, you acknowledge how instinct drives us to judge others quickly. You and I make instant judgments about the stupidity, stubbornness, arrogance, superiority, defiance and hate in others. Then fail to acknowledge these traits in my own tone of voice, my own choice of words, my own view of myself as right—and others wrong.

It takes a severe honesty to see these faults in ourselves, and by seeing, start to fix them—start to remove the blockage of our outlook.

But what is the Good News for You? The Good News is first, “I KNOW I do it”—and you know it. Let us laugh at our hypocrisy, our failures and flaws. Let us cry over them. Let us change our standards. Let us look beyond instinct and reason—and beyond judgment—just accepting, accepting, accepting, as Jesus did. No one is worthy; no one is unworthy.

You are like me—common folks doing our best—and so is Megan, Mary Jo, and Marie, so is Karl and Tom and John and Dave, Michelle and Odie. Accept them all without any standards at all—let God alone be the real judge—you can enjoy that they are like you and they are different, and that is how God has made us all! I am not better than you—nor you than me. And that is just plain Good News.  Now, help one another. 


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