The Good News for the Day, June 17, 2017
Saturday of the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time (364)

Jesus says to His followers: “Going far back, people have always said, ‘Do not take a fake oath or commit perjury, but make good for the Lord God all that you promise.” I am telling you, though: do not any promises, vows or oaths at all–not by heaven–it is, after all, just a throne-place of God’s–nor by the earth–it is just His footstool–nor by the holy city of Jerusalem–it belongs to the ultimate overlord. Do not promise by your head; you cannot make a single hair-root white or black. Just let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ Anything more talking is just from the wrong realm of evil” (Matthew 5)

You and I often fall into the trap of evasive speech–of promises that we will not keep, of truths half-told, of exaggerations about exploits, about me and my achievements, omitting the help from others. It is a trap we confront every day.

You tell the courageous truth. The whole truth. The plain truth. You watch out for the weasel words you might use, you watch for what you say. Your laughter is not coated with meanness; your praise is not threaded with criticism.

The Good News is constant repentance–always swerving back into corrections, authentic apologies, and the fact that whatever you say is always said before God. You need no “oath” before God; you need not promise, “God, yes, I’ll do it.” You are triggered by the spirit of a Child of God to keep finding your way back to honest honesty, not ostentatious pronouncements, not talking for the sake of impressing people–but before the Universe and its Creator–telling straightforward truth–the truth that comes from your conscience–not impressing others.

And that is how you belong to the Realm of what is Right–Heaven.


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