The good news for the day, June 13, 2017
Tuesday of the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time (360)

Jesus tells you: You are the salt of daily living; if salt goes flat, how can you make it any good again? It’s no good. You throw it out and use it on sidewalks.
You shine out on your world. You cannot hide a town that sits on a hill side. No one turns on a light and then covers it up with a box; people put it some place where it can shine for anyone in the house. Let your brightness shine out for people so that they see the good you do and appreciate your Father who is in the other realm.” (Matthew 5)

The sweetness of life depends on appreciating your position in the large pictures.

Like salt. Salt is so common we forget that people lived, fought and died over access to salt licks, and next to water, salt is the most important ingredient our body needs. It adds flavor—but it adds Life to you. You are salt—a flavor for the people around you; but you are also life-giving—a Life that is more than just living.

Light. The Stephen King novel, The Shining mentions that some people have a kind of shining that others pick up. You and I have that light, that glow which brightens depressed, lonely, sick and isolated people—that way inside, but maybe not outside. You shine into their lives, sometimes unwittingly, sometimes by a token, a card, a call, a visit, a mention. You lift their spirits, the way a warm wind breaks through the dismal wintry days of February, the way a fresh flower appears out of the cold ground, the way the autumn colors can color your heart with happy faces—and the way a baby’s smile at you make you smile.

Instead of selfishness, you serve—and you are the salt and the light in that service which make the large world shift for the better, a benefit which moves your meetings into Life, into the Realm of Right—into the kingdom of heaven.




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