The good news for the day, June 12, 2017

Monday of the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time (359)

Once Jesus saw the crowds, he went to a high hillside, and, settled there, his followers came up to him. He began to advise them:

“How well off are people with wanting hearts! They’re in the Realm of what is Right.

How well off are people who grieve! Their comfort is on its way.

How well off are nice people! They are forming the next generation.

How well off are persons hungering and thirsting for what’s right! They will get satisfaction.

How well off are caring people! People will care about them.

How well off are people with a clear conscience! They are face-to-face with God.

How well off are people who create peace! Others will see them as the family of God.

How well off are people wronged for trying to fix wrongs! They are in the realm of what is Right.

How well off YOU are—when others cause you distress, bully you, and lie about you in evil ways just because you behave like me.

Cheer up! Smile! Great is your return in the Realm of what is Right.

That is how “they” have attacked people who preached the truth in the past.” (Matthew 5)

These are not commandments, rules or even advice. They are the truth, the simple, simple truth. If you act this way, you are “well off”—a success, not as the world counts success, but as your heart and soul do.

If you are truly poor—a “wanting heart”—everything is gift, and your life becomes a song of gratitude, welcoming and happy at how whatever you truly need and want comes to you. Grieving involves the rhythm of life and death, accepting the wholeness of God’s creation—the love as well as the love lost—that survives death and is such comfort. Nice people—the “meek”—survive to replace angry, revengeful, violent ones who destroy themselves in their souls. 

You “hunger and thirst for justice”—for what’s right—truly hungry—you make your small—significant—difference. This is THE Good News, the excitement of ambition, passion, patience and grit to achieve. In the family of God, you are “well off”—you are a success, no matter what people say.


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