The good news for the day, June 11, 2017
The Feast of Our God in Three-ness (164)

God has loved the world so much that He has given his only Child, so that everybody believing in that child might not be dead but have boundless life.
God did not send his Child into the world to judge it guilty, but to rescue it through him. Anybody believing in Him will not be found guilty—anybody not believing has already been condemned to a death for not believing in the family relationship of the only Child of God. (John 3)

God our Father is a Daddy—someone an adult is aware of, whose principles and ideals have been absorbed—but not in the foremost thinking you do every day. You appreciate the gifts of nature, beauty and time that constitutes your life—your daily breath and bread, your body and history, and your you—existing right now, alive.

God is also Jesus, your Brother—the least of the brother, the common person you find sitting beside you in the car, the boss you have, the friend you’ve had for decades, the troll of Facebook, and the cancer patient dying in the hospital. Jesus is alive in the woundedness of our world, in the caring that you offer and find, in the peace and forgiveness that benefits the world around you.

God is also within you—your spirit, your energy and your conscience. The Spirit appears in the courageous morality of individuals and in the movements (as against slavery) that shift culture. The Spirit is the “majority of one,” like St. Francis, who speaks to power and others whose service and humility effects a shift in the direction of human lives. It is all a matter of love, kinds of love.

The celebration of this Three-ness consists of what you do—appreciation, service and an outlook positive, generous and loving. The Good News is your awe at our Father’s creation, your respect and mutual service for the family of God, and your dignity as a humble individual living an upright, simple life.



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