The good news for the day, June 9 2017
Friday of the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time (357)

Among the lessons, Jesus was offering in the house of prayer area, He said, “How is it that educated people claim the Messiah is the descendant of David? David himself—inspired by the Holy Spirit—said: ‘The Ultimate Authority said to the One in charge of me: “Take your place beside me as ruler until I place your enemies under your feet.” David himself calls him ‘the One in charge of me’; so how can that One be his descendant?” The great crowd heard this with pleasure. (Mark 12)

Jesus is nimble in conversation—in ways that you and I are not. So? What can we learn—how to discombobulate opponents? Hardly. How to be smarter than our accusers? Hardly. We are not in life to “win” but to love….

It takes a moment to realize that what we are to learn is not how to “win” but how to “be.” It is an important distinction. People accuse us of various faults—stubbornness, violations of the way people do things, lying and hypocrisy, arrogance and superiority. Well, sometimes these accusations are true and we accept criticisms with “intellectual humility,” admitting the need for repentance.

But other times, we see what others do not—features in this little remark: equality among us, the fundamental Family of God where we respect everybody, the role of serving one another in achieving happiness and peace, the extraordinary importance of forgiveness, patience, and silence in following the Way of Jesus. You have the Gift of Good News—the sense of gratitude, smiling, as I am sure Jesus did on this occasion, as he pointed out the timelessness of David, Messiah and You—we are all contemporaries in the eyes of God. You are a son of David, a Messiah to others, a Child of God! Enjoy!

You are the one who “sits at the right hand of your Father, your Creator, your Daddy,” loved, commissioned, and vital to your brothers and sisters. You do not fight to win. You remember you are a fellow Child of God—and act that way.

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