The good news for the day, May 26, 2017

Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter (295)

Jesus says to those closest to Him, “I am telling you the truth here—you will cry, will grieve—while the world around you feels pretty good.; you will feel heartache, but your grief will turn into bliss. When a woman is giving birth, she feels great pain—because her time has come—but once she has given birth to a child, she no longer remembers the pain because of her delight that a child has been born into the world. That is how it is with you—you too are now in anguish. I will see you again, though, and your hearts will be delighted—and nobody one will take your joy away from you. When that happens, you will not be curious with me about anything. The truth is—whatever you ask the Father as part of the Family, He will give you.” (John 16)

The realization comes gradually—if at all that to reach improvement you go through pain. Some whiners go through life blaming others, seeing themselves as victims, and taking credit for things they themselves did not accomplish, achievements they did not earn, and success that was more luck, help, and arbitrary than anything else.

You, though, follow Jesus into the recess of the heart, on the tough, unrewarding [at the time] way of the cross, through discomfort of humility, meekness, attacks, repentance and self-discovery–waiting. You ask forgiveness, hard as it is—and give forgiveness—harder as it may be—and you wait. You tell the truth, make choices—and feel anguish as you see attacks come from wise friends and sympathetic family.

The Good News as always is the living Presence, the Voice within, the sense of deep peace that rises from New Life, from growing closer to what is Right, and from living in a boundless love. You are not righteous—you are humbler than that. You are not “good” but you know what Is. You feel the bliss of belonging to a realm of joy no one can take from you—being a Child of God. The present pain, you believe, will give way to Resurrection—which has already started.


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