The good news for the day, May 16, 2017

Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter (286)

Jesus says to His friends: “Peace I bestow on you; my peace I am giving you. Not as the world presents peace, do I give it to you. Don’t let your hearts get upset—or afraid. You have heard me tell you, ‘I am departing,’ but I shall return to you. If you have loved me, you would feel good about my going to the Father—the Father is more significant than I am. I have told you this before things happen – so that when they do, you may believe. I won’t be talking with you much longer—the overriding force of this world is on its way. He holds nothing over me—but just so that the world might appreciate how much I love the Father and that I do what the Father has directed me to do.” (John14)

The cultural powers-that -be of this world tend to be hostile to the goodness which our Creator and the children of God advocate. “They” advocate pride and superiority; you practice humility and service. “They” offer anger and fear of others; you see in others your completion, your fulfillment. “They” appeal to your baser instincts of sex and defensiveness; what you do as a child of God brings out the best in people, inspiring them to a courageous goodness they did not realize they have. “They” think Us-vs.-Them; all you see is we.”

You have a peacefulness within and without that absorbs jealousy, mockery, name-calling, and putdowns of every kind. In the realm of what is right, you reject seductions which selfishness, denial of truth and pride present to you. You just live in a humbler world. You do not feel compelled to submit to pressures, prejudices, and evil assumptions enveloping the world around you. In this way, Jesus returns in you

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