The good news for the day, May 11, 2017

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter (282)

Once Jesus had finished washing the feet of his closest friends, He said: “I’m telling you the truth: no worker is greater than the worker’s boss nor any messenger greater than the superior sending the message. If you “get” this, how well off you are—if, of course, you do it. I am not talking about every one of you. I know those whom I have chosen. But just so that the Scripture might be fulfilled which says: The one who ate my food has kicked me illegally. From now on I will be telling you before it happens, so that when something does happen, you can believe that I am who I am. I am telling you the truth—anybody who receives someone I send receives Me, and whoever receives Me receives the One who sent Me.” (John 13)

Over and over Jesus is insisting that you – somebody or anybody—He is sending – does have the same Life within you that He has received from our Father. It is divine Life. It is boundless Life. It is the very family Life of the Trinity.

Jesus illustrates this Life when he washes the feet of his disciples; that is, it is a generous Life serving and gifting others. It is a Life of mutual respect, of being at peace – in the end – with whatever happens to you, and with whatever results from your choices. It is the outlook of Jesus, the spirit of our Father, pervasive and affecting the way that you approach friends as well as anyone suffering.

You are not naïve. You have your eyes open; you see flaws and failures – as well as accomplishments and successes – of the many persons around you; you know some are trustworthy; others are not. In the end, however, you treat with the same respect people of wealth and social standing as a farmhand, a homeless woman, or the person cleaning your house. Each Person is loved by God.

Like God, our Father in the other realm, we realize nobility in each individual – a nobility earned from struggles no one knows except God – as well as from simply being loved by God. That nobility Jesus is honoring in the washing of the feet – and which you can honor in everyday life. Your humility lets you see what each soul hides profoundly – that each is so loved by God our Creator. 

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