The good news for the day, May 6, 2017

Saturday of the Third Week of Easter (278)

Many of the people following Jesus were listening, “This saying is so hard! Who can accept it?” Because Jesus knew that these people were complaining about this, He said to them, “Does this upset you? What if you were to see This Human Child rising to where he once was? It is the Outlook that gives Life; the vulnerability of the flesh is useless! The words I have shared with you are Spirit and life. But some of you just do not believe.” (Jesus knew from the beginning the ones who would not believe and the one who would betray him.) He added, “Here you see—these people—what I mean when I say to you that no one can come to me unless by the gift given by my Father.” As a result of this, many of his followers went back to the way they had been living—and no longer walked with him. Jesus then said to the chosen Dozen, “Do you want to go away, too?” Simon Peter answered him, “Sir, who can we go to?  It is You who have the words of boundless life. We have come to believe; we are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.” (John 6)

These people heard Jesus. They understood that they had to have a new spirit—of vulnerability, acceptance, and real humility. That is too high a price for some people. They want to control others, to feel superior and invulnerable; out of fear and immaturity, they refuse to accept what discomforts them. They would rather attack others for differences, assert their better-ness, and live above the stupid herd.

The one with the Spirit of Jesus sets those ambitions aside. Acknowledging we are children who share creation’s playground, we learn the kindergarten lessons of taking turns, accepting one another, sharing and telling the truth. You become convinced and practice “weakness”—the admission of your ignorance and faults with a readiness to grow and change. You discover new friends to love who are not so much like you “in the flesh,” but in the goodness of their hearts, and the simplicity of their permanent values. You see the world as holy—with wonder and peace. You have eaten Him Who is the Bread of life and are satisfied.

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