The good news for the day, May 5 2017

Friday of the Third Week of Easter (277)

Jews hostile to Jesus disagreed among themselves: “How can this man give us his flesh as nourishment?” Jesus said to that, “I am telling you the truth—unless you digest the vulnerable weak flesh of This Child of Humans and absorb his suffering blood, you are not really alive within yourself. Whoever does eat my Flesh with its vulnerability and drinks my Blood with its pain has boundless life; I will raise that person in the end. My weak Flesh is real nourishment, and my shed Blood is real drink you need. Anybody who absorbs my weak flesh and takes in my suffering Blood has My Life inside; I live in that person. Just as the living Father has sent me and I have real Life because of the Father, so also anybody who feeds on me will have real Life because of me. This is the bread that has come and is coming from the Other Realm. Unlike your ancestors who ate and died anyway, anybody eating THIS bread will live permanently.” (These were the kind of things he said teaching in the Capernaum synagogue.) (John 6)

It takes growing up to acknowledge the levels of life—the difference between, for instance, liking, attraction and lust—on the one hand—and real, loving commitment on the other, the difference between emotional instinctual living and felt insightful openness to new knowledge, between a thoughtful, selfless, and mature response to something and its opposite, the immature knee-jerk reaction.

What Jesus says conveys that mature side of life—the imagery—that you “absorb” Jesus like food. He becomes part of you—but, mysteriously, you become part of Him. But what does THAT mean? A mother dead in Akron or Centerville lives on in the competence and loving of her daughters. A good teacher in Pittsburgh or Silver Springs lives on in the curiosity and openness of students. They have absorbed his or her life and continue to share the good person’s character with the world. Jesus means that—but so much more! He is not limiting himself or yourself. Everything He is as a Child of Our Father—you become! In some ways, you come to share His very Divinity of forgiveness, patience, creativity as well as  the human weakness of humility, acceptance and gratitude at all the Gifts.


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