The good news for the day, May 3 2017

Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter (275)

Jesus said this publicly, “I am the bread of Life; whoever comes to me will never feel hunger, and whoever believes in me will never feel thirst.”… But I have been telling you all along that even though you have seen me, you have not really believed in me. Everything and everyone that the Father has given me is available to me— I will not disdain anybody who comes to me because I have come from the Other Realm not to do what I like to do—but what the One who sent me wants me to do. …which is—not to lose anything of what He has given me, but for Me to raise each one in the end. What My Father wants is this: for everybody who really sees the Son and comes to believe in him to have boundless life–and that I raise everyone of these in the end.” (John 6)

Scholars and habit have kept making us think that Jesus is talking about his time and His timelines—“The father has sent Me” (as though he existed then and the father has stopped sending Him) and “the last day” (as in the end of the world) and “whoever sees me and believes”—as though it is about 2000 years ago.

It isn’t. It is about your quality now, about deepening, awakening, becoming ready and seeing—recognizing—Jesus in your world, this moment, this day.

What the Father wants and likes is for the spirit of Jesus to raise us now from deadly habits, angry prejudices that kill our souls, hypocrisies and beliefs we do not really believe in, denials, self-deceit and smugness. Raising up is both the Cross of loss and Resurrection to Life—to suffer pain in caring love—and be given New Life…to find that embracing each moment’s good and bad is worth it. Whether we speak of “the Last Day” or “in the End,” we come to appreciate the power of endurance to transform us permanently into a New Person, a Noble Life, and a heart at Peace. We discover community in the Family of God, fellow sufferers and wayfarers whose humility and acceptance makes lives so worth living, so dynamic and fresh. That is faith; that is “seeing Jesus now”; that is living a “permanent, boundless and raised-up Life.”   


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