The good news for the day April 27, 2017

Thursday of the Second Week of Easter (270)

The one who comes from the Prime Realm has a “superiority.” The one who lives earth-bound is earthly and all they talk about is earthly things. But someone who comes from the Realm of what is Right has that superiority. Such people talk about the truth as to what they have seen and heard, but no one listens to what they have to say. Whoever does accept that conversation is asserting that God is for real. Someone God has sent is uttering the very words of God. He does not shortchange his gift of the Spirit. (The Father loves His Child, and has handed everything over to him.) Anybody believing has boundless life, but whoever avoids commitment to the Child of God will fail to see that Life; God’s strong exasperation just keeps rising towards such a one. (John 3)

The gist of these words is that the believer—the one committed to the “Other”—to the family of God, to this Fatherhood of ours—belongs to a different level than other people. It is not a moral superiority—nor social or financial, but something else. The difference is hard to pin down as “superiority” because it is actually made of service and humility, a sense of repentance and Aliveness that the believer feels, a submission to uncomfortable and demanding truth. So, what is this “superiority”?

It is the superiority of falling in love—of feeling blessed, of knowing you are Unworthy—but Loved and Loving Back. That experience makes you feel “different”—feel above what you were before, “walking on air,” “can’t describe it,” so alive! You don’t feel “superior” in any sense except that the dullness and ordinariness of life is gone—and something wonderful has happened to you.

You have been raised to another realm. If you see Jesus and His family that way, you have that “superiority” from what you used to be. You have an entirely new Spirit—of joy, forgiveness, and caring. You live for others. You have lost a fog, or frequent anger, or petty gossip or unrealized hostility—of mere ordinary (earthly) living; you have entered a “Prime Realm”—Good News—heaven.


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