The good news for the day April 26, 2017

Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter (269)

Jesus says to you: “God has loved this world so much that He has given His only-begotten Child, so that everybody believing in him might not be dead but might have boundless life. God did not send his Son into the world to judge it guilty, but to rescue it through him. Anybody believing in him will not be held guilty; anybody not believing has already been condemned to a death for not believing in the family name of the only-begotten Child of God. This is the crisis—affecting the final outcome—that the light has shone into the world, but humans have chosen to love gloom more than light—what “they” did was rotten. Everybody who keeps on doing bad things hates the light and does not move toward the light—to avoid having their works exposed. Everybody who lives the truth comes toward clearness, so that what is done may be clearly seen as done in God.” (John 3)

Here you see your daily life examined. If you are simple, humble, truthful and generous—you live in a world of bright light—sunshine. When you and I do wrong, though, we unthinkingly conceal, omit, shade, and sometimes deny it— to keep people “in the dark” about bad behavior we have been guilty of.

This image of light and dark reflects so much our real world. You can choose sunshine—with real honesty, forgiveness, apologies, and the acceptance of even uncomfortable light into your life. When you don’t tell the whole truth, when you evade a straightforward admission, when you lie to yourself, when you do bad things that you shame resists revealing, you choose a shadow world.

The Good News is that you are always welcoming the Dawn of Easter—you are seeing the rise of light inside you, a growing courage to accept the whole of creation, to confess shortcomings and failures, to see the good in hostile people, and to act in the light of our Father who sees in secret (Matthew 6). Your belief in the Fatherhood of God—in Jesus as brother and your “family of God”—enables a sharing in the sunshine of a family celebration—the food and drink that nourishes your total self in a companionship that is “boundless” Living!

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