The good news for the day April 25, 2017

Tuesday of the Second Week of Easter (268)

Jesus told Nicodemus: “‘You have to be born from the Other Realm.’ The wind, mystery as it is, blows where it wants—you can hear the sound it makes—but you don’t know where it comes from or where it goes. That is how it is with everyone born of the ‘mystery-spirit.’” Nicodemus answered him, ‘How does this work?” Jesus answered him, “You are someone supposedly teaching Israel—and you do not get this? The fact is, we humans speak of what we know and we make known to others what we have seen, but “you people” do not accept what we have made known. If I tell you about ordinary things—and you do not believe me, how will you believe if I tell you about significant matters of the other Realm? No one has risen to the other Realm except the one who has come down from there—this Child of the Human Race. Just as Moses raised the serpent in the desert, so must this Son of Man be raised up for people to see—so that everyone who believes in him may have boundless life.” (John 3)

Adults come to appreciate life has levels, dimensions, viewpoints, and consequences. There is ordinary, daily living—and at the same time, well—just preparing a meal can be an act of immense love (as in the movie, Babette’s Feast, a movie favored by Pope Francis). Forgiveness and apologies are “just words”—unless they are “something else”—an authentic effort to heal broken bonds.

Everything you do in your daily rhythm can mirror the Other Realm—every breath can be an aliveness as Part of Intense Gratitude for Living. Every glance and gesture, ordinary as they are, has the capacity to be Something Else Also—a rich connection, a moment of caring, a touch of God’s Hand touching a soul.

Being raised—raised on the cross as well as raised from the dead—is what happens to you and me. Mocked, hurt, misunderstood, disregarded, crucified for opinions and taunted for forgiveness, kindness and understanding, you and I are ALIVE with a life thriving in that Other Realm. You are growing less selfish; you are becoming courageous; you appreciate struggles in others. Your belief in the other Realm has raised you like Jesus—on the Cross and From the Dead


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