The good news for the day April 24, 2017

Monday of the Second Week of Easter (267)

There was one Pharisee, Nicodemus, a leading figure among the Jews, who came to Jesus one night and confessed to him, “Rabbi, we acknowledge you are a teacher come from God. Nobody can do the significant stuff you are doing unless God is with him.” Jesus answered him, “To tell you the truth—unless someone is born from the other sphere, that person cannot even see the realm of what is right.” Nicodemus said to him, “How can a man—once grown old—be born again? He certainly cannot go back into his mother’s belly and be born again—can he?” Jesus answered, “I’m telling the truth—unless someone is born of water and spirit, that person cannot enter the realm of what is right. Whatever is born of mortal people is mortal, and what is born of mystery is mystery. Don’t be surprised that I have told you, ‘You must be born from the other realm.’ The wind, mystery as it is, blows where it wants—you can hear the sound it makes—but you don’t know where it comes from or where it goes. That is how it is with everyone born of the ‘mystery-spirit.’” (John 3)

It is impossible to translate the many layers of meaning here. Breath-wind-spirit—are all the same word in their language. Jesus is comparing His “spirit” to the breath which you wind-breathe—what you use to stay alive, as well as the mystery of wind in all our lives—the invisible, but powerful force—that we all know. Ancients thought your first breath was God blowing life into you.

The Spirit of Jesus—is the mystery of breathing in a New Life, discovering meaning, becoming Alive! living and breathing His compassion, forgiveness, and equality. It is His dynamic force affecting the universe—more mysterious than your being born in the first place! His spirit marks a “re-boot” of life. His Spirit marks the start of really seeing, after being blind. His breath-spirit IS your entrance into a whole New Life—better in its way—than emerging from your mother’s womb. The breath you breathe RIGHT NOW is your adult acceptance of real life, your gratitude for creation, and for the good news of your mission in life—to awaken others to share our Parents’ tender bending over us to count our fingers and toes. The first thing you SEE is your Father-Mother-God loving you!


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