The good news for the day March 31, 2017

Friday of the Fourth Week in Lent (248)

Jesus moved about within the state of Galilee; he chose not to travel into the state of Judea, because some Jews there were trying to kill him. The Jewish holyday of Tabernacles was coming up. When his brothers had gone up to Jerusalem for that holyday, he himself went up, too—but not openly—more like in secret. Some of the folks in Jerusalem said, “Isn’t he the one they are trying to kill? Look! He conducts public speeches—they don’t say anything to him! Could authorities have started to see that he is the Messiah? We know, though, where this man is from! When the Messiah comes, no one will know where he is from.” By way of response, Jesus spoke out publicly in the place of prayer, “You really do know me—and you know too where I am from. Yet I have not come on my own, but the One who sent me—Someone whom you do not know—is true. I know Him, because I am from Him, and he has sent me.” As a consequence, although they tried to arrest him, no one laid a hand on him—His hour had not yet come. (John 7)

How many people do not “get it.” Sometimes, they fail to see the second layer of “living and life.” Where is Jesus from? Nazareth, of course, people say. And that is true—but it is not important. What IS important? Where is from that is “not of this world.”

You yourself are “from heaven”—not dropping down from the sky—not that; you are not a “god” descended from “up there.” You are someone emerging—being born—from a here-and-now sphere, hidden from many who do not “get it”—often by denying it is there. You are from a realm of kindness, humility, caring, courage, and community—from the “got it” world of reflective maturity, firm belief, and a childhood (of God) derived from timeless truth. In this realm—along with others—you pay close attention to conscience, respect differences and weigh messages more than its messenger. You acknowledge limits, sinfulness, mistakes, and wrong ways you have gone. You and I are from a “place” where our stance is not surface, habits, and passivity—but spiritual—not what people just think—not an echo—but an appreciation of peace, joy and permanence.


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