The good news for the day February 28, 2017

Tuesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time (348)

Peter began to tell Jesus, ‘We have abandoned everything to follow you.” Jesus said, “The truth is: Nobody has given up home, brothers, sister, mother, father, children, or property—for my sake and for the sake of this Good News—who will not get paid back—a hundred times more now and measureless life in the world ahead. Many people first now will be last, and the last ones will be first.” (Mark 10)

The transformation from an old life to a New World, from the passive acceptance of culture, parents, externals habits, internal prejudices, and self-centeredness—to being re-born–that is what this is all about.

You find love, family, trust, kindness, generosity—a New Family—once you commit to being a Child of God. You may see—as I do—your family as Godly people—not just parents of your genetic DNA. You may discover a new mother in the elderly woman you befriend in the senior center. You gain the grandeur of the world—free of possessiveness or anxiety—once you realize all of creation is God’s Gift to you. You abandon a whole way of life—immaturity and fear, grooves that went nowhere, efforts to control your life and others’ lives. You find instead that your “yes” to becoming more and more attuned to the Goodness of the World—its patience, forgiveness, and helpfulness—the more you find peace.

It is not about ambition and security, but service and freedom. It is not about competition and winning, but about appreciation and respect. It is not about being first and in charge—but about serving others, true caring and simple humility.

That is the Good News. That is the “gospel”—this call to see the world as God does, as a child of God. You are first if you are last. You feel gently responsible for everyone, and yet knowing that all you can do—is all you can do—respect, as God does—the freedom, individuality, and diversity God has made.


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