The good news for the day February 25, 2017

Saturday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time (346)

People would bring some children to Jesus so that he might affect their lives, but his followers would shoo them away. When Jesus noticed this, He got irritated, and said so: “Let little children come to me; do not get in their way—the Realm of everything Right belongs to persons like them. I am telling you the truth: whoever does not welcome the Realm of what is Right as a child does will not get in.” Then he hugged the children and blessed them, placing his hands on them. (Mark 6)

You and I who love others, too often, want to help people behave “correctly.” We want our circle—our social set—to conform to general expectations of maturity, social status, family responsibilities, so on. And we do the same to others, course. It is part of our tendency to want to run things, to be in control, to be the standard for what is right., to help—but sometimes we have to just “let God.”

     A little child lives curious, open-minded, ready to learn, accepting others and whatever happens without prejudice, and so on. A child can demand and whine, act generous and act selfish—but innocence prevails—the standards that a child uses is raw and un filtered by society. A child can dance to her own music, play with her imaginary friends, and tell the emperor he has no clothes.

Now and then, the Good News is a challenge to become permanently like that—obeying the spirit within us rather than the pressures, prejudices, and habits that claim our conformity. I suggest every day we find a moment to ensure that we are free of conformity—and that we always keep that child-in-us alive—to do a wild thing, an outside-the-box behavior, an immature freedom. Welcome God our Father Who Sees us in secret (as Matthew 6 remarks). Do something to please just Him—a tiny kindness at the grocery story, a reckless love note, a compliment to a stranger, a listening to a bird, or an appreciation of some surprise that swims into your view.


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