The good news for the day February 13, 2017

Monday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time (335)

Religious leaders came forward; they began to argue with Jesus, wanting to get from him a sign from heaven—to test him. He sighed from the depth of his being—and said, “Why does this people who have not been born again—this generation—look for a sign? The fact is: no sign will be provided for this generation.” Then he left them, got into the boat again, and went off to the other shore. (Mark 8)

Signs. It is in some ways—the whole point of the Gospels to be “significant”—to point, like a map, a stop sign, a crossing signal, a cultural statue. The Gospels are not about themselves, but about you—young and old, a thousand years ago and today, the truths that are permanent, the meanings that change people, and waken you.

Jesus knew—as you and I do—that a person encased in culture, in their past—fossilized into their secular, political, pragmatic ideology—is virtually dead (“Let the dead bury their dead”). Such people need to be brought out of the tomb of their own choosing, brought to a life that is challenging, surprising—and, yes, always new. The Gospels—what Jesus says and does—ARE the signs for you to follow, the way to go. The Gospels, creation itself, and all the people are signs for you that are significant.

The people of “this generation”—so very many who drift in life, victims of cultural presumptions, passive and accepting of what is popular or current—do not open their hearts to the world around them. They have killed their childlike curiosity, their welcoming of new knowledge, and their growth into God’s growing love.

You are, however, aware and awake to the changing Face of our Father—the beautiful and challenging revelations that unfold in nature, people—and the encounters with your conscience. You do not sleep through life, you stay alert and welcome the freshness of God’s unfolding love. You see magic and wonder; you find wisdom and understanding, you radiate compassion, patience, courage, and peace. You are different—and stuck with it. You live the shine that radiates to you and from you. All signs come to you and enter your heart as from another world, a better one—the realm of God.

And You Yourself ARE a sign, as Jesus was—of that realm, of that kind of life. You live the mystery of it all.


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