The good news for the day February 8, 2017

Wednesday of the fifth Week in Ordinary Time (331)

Jesus called the public together again; to them He said: “Listen carefully everybody. Try to get what I am really telling you. Nothing that goes into somebody from the outside can make that person bad; it is whatever comes out from inside that makes a person bad.” Once he got home away from the crowd, His followers started asking him about what was puzzling them. He told them, “Are you missing it, too? Don’t you realize that anything that goes into a person from outside cannot make anyone bad—since it does not go into the heart but the stomach—and then passes out into the toilet?” (Here he was declaring all foods “clean.”) “No, what comes out of somebody–that makes someone bad. From within the person—from the heart—there come harmful ideas, lustful intent, theft, murder, adultery, greed, hatred, lying, amorality, envy, blasphemy, arrogance, and plain old stupidity. All these bad things come from inside a person and they identify a person as bad.” (Mark 7)

An adult knows this common truth—and an immature and ego-centric person does not. What you do is the product of what you are—“By their fruit you know them,” and so on. It takes humble reflection to grasp this about yourself—and about others. That is why Jesus asks for understanding—for you to catch that moment of discovery when you realize you cause effects and you improve your world. And that people ARE bad because of what comes out of them.

Many fail to get or accept this important truth. “I love you”—comes out of the heart and means something. “You’re stupid!”—comes out of the heart and means something, too. “I am better than you”—comes out of the heart and means something. “I am here to help”—comes out of the heart and means something.

Put-downs and praise—come out of the heart. (If you do not let something get “in” you, it does you no harm nor make you bad.) Expect it. If you do expect it and let  it bounce off—and heart has kept producing the good fruit of kindness—and you will—in the end—have the joy of Jesus, the grace of being raised up by your Father into the Realm of heaven,


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