The good news for the day February 6, 2017

Monday of the fifth Week in Ordinary Time (329)

First reading for the day: (Gen 1, 1)

At its source, as God has been creating the sky and the earth, the earth has been shapeless, chaotic—darkness enveloping vastness, while a mighty mystery of wind has hovered over the flux. Then God said, “Let there be light!” Light was there.

Second reading for the day

After crossing to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus and his followers came to the beach at Gennesaret—and tied up there. As they were getting off the boat, folks recognized him at once. People scattered into the surrounding countryside and began bringing the sick on stretchers to where they heard He was. Whatever villages, towns or countryside He would enter—they would lay the sick out in the open marketplaces begging Him—that they might touch just the tassel on his cloak; whoever touched it would be healed. (Mark 6)

You and I need to appreciate we are making a new heaven and a new earth—a world re-born—creating anew from the chaos of sickness, failures, and despair. You have the spirit-power—the mysterious “ruah/wind/spirit.” You are like the thunderstorm that pulls the waters this way and that to reveal and destroy, to renew the soil and make things ready for fresh life to spring afresh. You are the rain and the wind and the sun to a whole world of people around you.

You—everyone—has the power to change your world, to benefit it by pouring fresh life, renewing innocence and enabling fresh starts—or merely drowning the spirit of life—judging, condemning and disrespecting others. People want to find in you the “tassel” of hope—the touch of life, the smile of joy, the satisfaction of a deepening health of spirit. You are co-creating with the Spirit of God, you breathe His life into damaged—dead—souls who want to live—wanting to find faith, love and any kind of healing. Your wounds—your failures and frustrations—are Jesus—are His wounds—bringing faith, love and healing—sometimes even without your knowing it. It is a good, this world becoming.


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