The good news for the day February 5, 2017

Sunday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time (73)

You are the salt of the earth. If salt loses its flavor—what can improve it? It is no longer good for anything else except to be thrown out, and used on sidewalks. You are the light of the world. A city built on a mountain cannot be concealed. Nor do people turn on a light and then put it under a covering. You put it on a table, where it can light the whole house. That’s the way your light should shine before everybody else—so people can see what good you do—and, in that good, appreciate your heavenly Father. (Matthew 5)

Do you get the limitless depths of these comparisons?  Do you grasp how they describe your value and function, your role and fate, your peace and meaning? Do you—reading slowly—sense your “saltiness”—to flavor your world, to preserve its worth, to provide life-giving nourishment, and to avoid becoming something people step on? You are the salt!

Do you get your “brightness”—to light the world with knowledge and love, to brighten lives, and reveal the truth, to shine into the darkness of despair and fear, to stand out as a beacon for people to find their way, to offer a human and humane lift to the hidden guilts and fears of others—and so relieve that ancient, underground gloom. Do you catch the torch that warms and illumines cells and dungeons where so many put themselves?

Do you know that—like it or not—you are a city on a hill—spread, like St. Francis’s Assisi, all across a hillside where people seek peace, comforting humans, sympathetic and understanding companionship in you.

Do you see our Loving Father in your flavor, your brightness, your openness?

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