The good news for the day February 4, 2017

Saturday of the fourth Week in Ordinary Time (328)

After the select followers gathered with Jesus and reported everything they had been doing and teaching, He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a remote place; rest a while.” (Folks were coming and going in great numbers; Jesus and his followers had no opportunity even to eat.) So, off they went by boat to be by themselves in a remote place. Some people saw them leaving and many came to know about it. People moved there quickly on foot from all the towns in the area and got to the remote place before the boat. When Jesus was leaving the boat—saw the big crowd—His heart was moved with compassion for them—they were like sheep without a shepherd. He began to teach them many things. (Mark 6)

The image of the crowd standing on the beach while the boat pulls into a dock is a good one—the attractiveness of Jesus, the sense of compassion and understanding that won hearts from all kinds of people. He was a “heart” speaking to “hearts”—not indoctrinating with abstract notions, not condemning deviance or sins even, and certainly not excluding people “incorrect” or ritually impure or disabled (often considered cursed—being punished by God—in the ancient world)—or even sinful. One and all were welcome to be close to Him.

He judges no one here as lazy, heretical, unclean or—contemptible. That is beside the point.

It is your pleasure and business to share this outlook—to appreciate that your life is meant to be attractive—as you welcome—heartfelt—the souls, minds, and hearts of people around you. We are all sinners, the Scripture says, and we all come up short—and—in the end—all are equal. If you see—in everyone—their misery and hope, their failures and efforts, a person wanting peace and freedom from their anger, greed and blindness, your own heart has become the beating heart of Jesus, the Compassionate Heart of God. You preach not with words, but “many things’ by whatever you do

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