The good news for the day January 27, 2017

Friday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time (321)

Jesus said to the public: “This is how it is in the realm of what is right with God—it is as if a man were to scatter seed across the land, and would go to sleep and get up night and day; the seed sprouts and grows—he does not know how. Of its own accord, the ground yields its fruitfulness, first the stalk, then the bud, then the full grain in the ear; when the grain is ripe, he wields the sickle at once, for the harvest has come.” (Mark 4)

Jesus likes to use nature as his comparison for the mysterious and elusive Kingdom of God—that realm of what is right. There is a good reason. Appreciating the Creator with creation’s gift of nature—in its products and its actions, in the food we need and the seasonal process that produces that food, He sees good examples in natural life–examples for the deeper, fuller, and richer Life of the Spirit that He is trying to help you see.

Nature works mysteriously, science—as well as the farmer, miner, fisherman and lumberjack—they all use that gift to earn their living. As nature unfolds, the wise, mature person notices both the mystery and the gift—and sees beyond to the Life-giver, the Spirit of Generosity behind it.

Beyond the mere appearance of nature is your response. Not just your harmony with this great gift, but your grasp that Living is more than drifting through life, that “others” are more than just objects that are there—things! The great web of nature includes the majesty of your being a prince or princess in the Realm of the Creator’s family. You are not just a “mere creature”—and part of nature. You are a growing, maturing Child of God—unseen and unheard by others or nature—but rich and deep with inner peace, with transcendence, and a happiness linked with your humility, constant repentance, and acceptance of the Mystery of Growing up—of producing the fruit that is caring kindness radiant with Life

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