The good news for the day January 26, 2017

Thursday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time (320)

Jesus says to his followers, “Is a table lamp brought in just to be put under a lid or under a bed—and not set on a table? No, you can’t hide anything that does not eventually become visible; nothing is secret that does not come to light–anyone who has ears to hear ought to hear!” He also tells us, “Take care what you listen to. The standard you use to measure will be the one used to measured you, and still more will come back to you. To someone who has something—more will be given; from the one who has nothing, even what he may have will be taken away.” (Mark 4)

Seeing and hearing is what this is all about. Do you see the light, are you a light for others, do you hear what is important, do you listen to hearts, to pain, to the silence of hurt?

Today, be aware of what you have not seen. Look in people’s faces—a child, a friend, an old man, a spouse—and ask yourself what you have not seen—what light is shining that you have put a lid on? What music, or woe, or peace have you missed by not paying attention? What gift has gone unnurtured by a shyness? What fear has been stoked by silence?

Jesus knows—as every mature adult does—that we all carry secrets—some embarrassing, some guilt, some heroic and so on. Jesus asks you not so much to look for the secret—but to know it is there—it is part of every living soul’s life–it is “standard.”.

Sympathize with the guilty, be sensitive to the sad, share the hidden peace of a child, support the struggle, heal the grief-stricken. Not by anything specific—but just by seeing, listening, and absorbing your fellow humanness—that is Jesus there—that is what He keeps saying to you.…

If you have and acknowledge the mysteries and contradictions of others, you will be enriched; if you ignore—fail to see or notice—then even what you have will be taken away—and you will die–disappear into a sad, self-centered life.

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