The good news for the day January 11, 2017

Wednesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time (307)

Leaving the house of prayer, Jesus went to the home of Simon and Andrew with James and John—where Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed sick with a fever. They told Him about her immediately. He approached her, took her hand, and helped her get up. Then the fever left her; she waited on them. That evening, after sunset, they started to bring to him everybody sick or driven by Evil Forces. The whole town was gathered around the door. He cured many a person sick with various diseases; he drove out many evil Forces, not permitting them to say anything because they did know him. Getting up very early before dawn, he left the house—went off to an isolated place, where he spent time praying. Simon and those who had been with him went after Him. Once they found Him—they complained, “Everybody is looking for you.” He told them, “Let us go on to other, nearby villages so that I may preach there also. That is why I have come.” So off He went into these other houses of prayer, preaching and driving out evil forces throughout the whole of Galilee. (Mark 1)

What is your benefit of hearing this “A Day in the Life of Jesus”? It’s “Sunday”-he leaves church, goes to a house where he heals the “housewife”—she gets up to care for these men—a meal fixed—people arrive as the Sabbath ends with their sick friends and relatives, he works to help people, goes to bed, but gets up early, slips away for private prayer. Friends find him and get him back to work.

Each day is a gift. Each day offers its rhythm to you—work, meals, relaxing, other people, travel. Each day is the same; each day, different.,

In your rhythm, do you live for others? Are you the Good News others look for? That is what Jesus does. A life of give-and-take, of living among others, people helping others, yet finding time for prayer—but open and part of others’ lives. He shushes any attempt to make him important. Thank about that! Two people can spend same day—how differently!


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