The good news for the day January 6, 2017

Fourth Christmas weekday (209)

This is what John the Baptist preached: “Someone much mightier than I is coming after me. I am not worthy to get down and loosen the laces of his footwear. I have been baptizing you with water; he, though, will baptize you with the Creative Power of Change (the Holy Spirit).” It happened in those days that Jesus came over from Nazareth of Galilee and underwent baptism by John in the Jordan. On coming up out of the water he had a vision in which the heavens were being torn open and Creative Power (like a dove) hovering and coming down upon him.  A voice came out from that opening world: “You are my cherished Child; I am happy with you.” (Mk 1)

The good News is this reminder that the Creative Power–the Inner Strength–the ability to nurture chaos into order–as in Genesis is always at work. It is often a silent, quiet thing–like a mother bird bringing her eggs into a new existence, like soft rain and other gifts of nature that warm seeds into life each spring, like the kind, quiet hug that can mean so much to a troubled heart–to someone in the chaos of addiction, despair, loneliness or guilt.

And then there is the “Voice”–this is not a voice everyone hears.  To this day, no one knows whether the “he” is Jesus or John–but it does not matter! The voice is heard by those tuned to hear it. God speaks all the time–through nature, through others, through conscience, through history, through consistency and through faith. If you hear it–The voice coming from heaven will be saying the very same thing to you–“YOU are my cherished child–I am happy with you.”

Yes, it takes faith, practice, prayer and humility–but the Voice of God wants to encourage you in your life, to remind you of being loved–and your faith tells you that. Oh, you need to keep changing, keep growing, growing, growing into the peace that accepts the Family of God. But right now–the Good News is that you are so, so loved. In that Love is Power.

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